Sky Communal TV is improving its service to social sector landlords and Housing Associations by including the removal of existing mini-dishes as standard, as part of the installation works for its communal TV systems.

Brendan Hegarty, head of Sky Communal TV Solutions comments:

"It's clear that social sector landlords care a great deal about the appearance of their properties, and that communal TV systems - which negate the need for multiple satellite dishes - can considerably improve the look of a block of flats.

"Whilst Sky has always endeavoured to remove all mini-dishes that are no longer required, we have now taken the step to formalise the process and to reassure our clients that the dismantling of existing mini-dishes will take place promptly, by the same installers, as the final part of their job."

Sky's communal TV systems provide tenants in blocks of flats with access to a wide range of TV options, from simple Freesat to the latest TV services like HD, 3D, and TV on demand, and even alternative satellite providers such as Turksat and Arabsat.

However, an important additional benefit for social landlords is in helping to improve or maintain the aesthetics of their blocks. The installation of a communal TV system removes the need for each flat to have its own mini-dish on the building - and in addition can considerably reduce the amount of exterior cabling required.

IRS (Integrated Reception System) is particularly suitable for the social housing sector. It typically comprises one discreet satellite dish, two aerials on the roof (one for TV and one for radio) and an indoor cabinet for switches and cabling. It works by feeding a digital signal from a single multi-purpose reception unit to faceplates fitted in each flat.

With IRS, tenants can enjoy a wide range of digital TV services and, being 'platform neutral', it gives tenants a choice of TV suppliers including Freesat. It provides access to FM and DAB radio, supports a number of alternative satellite providers, and is also a good option for 'future-proofing' properties, with potential access to the UK's largest number of HD channels and Europe's first ever 3D channel.

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