Sky Homes has launched a new team dedicated to helping developers sell homes during these tough economic times. The expert team provides advice on how fitting a Sky communal TV system can give new homes the wow factor, handles the planning and installation process, offers marketing support and is even working with selected developers to put together bundled packages of its services at a low cost per unit. To find out more either call 08442 410 331 or visit .

In the current climate, homebuyers are demanding bigger incentives to sign on the dotted line. Developers across the UK are searching for ways to make their new homes as eye-catching and attractive as possible - for instance installing superior fixtures and fittings, finer finishes on flooring and work surfaces or building in free household appliances such as dishwashers and freezers.

The new Sky team has taken this idea a stage further by teaming up with developers to offer Sky TV through its Integrated Reception System (IRS). This offers homebuyers a fantastic range of digital TV, phone and broadband options - all fitted and ready to use when they move into their new homes.

"We've been telling developers about IRS for a number of years now," says Pascal Wharton, Head of Sky Homes, "so they understand that pre-wiring new homes for Sky+HD is a great way to make them more attractive. More than 1 in 3 UK homes have Sky, so it's a very popular digital option for potential buyers. Our new team is increasingly on the lookout for imaginative ways to give house buyers immediate access to all the great benefits of Sky - and ultimately help developers sell homes."

As part of the new scheme Sky is also offering some developers bundled packages that enable them to equip an agreed number of homes in a new development with access to Sky TV, Sky Talk (phone) and Sky Broadband services. This is an outstanding deal for buyers, who get to enjoy these Sky services free for 12 months as part of the purchase price - creating a real incentive to buy.

The new team has also been trialling a new approach, where it offers extensive marketing support to developers who equip their new developments with a Sky IRS solution. Sky can put marketing support materials in show homes, and in each unit within a development, to tell potential buyers how easy it is to get Sky through IRS. Buyers can use the pre-installed equipment in their new homes to connect easily and quickly to the full range of Sky TV services, just by dialling a unique number provided.

Sky developed its IRS solution as a flexible and cost-effective way to distribute television signals to lots of homes from a single multi-purpose reception unit. It is 'platform neutral', so viewers can choose where they get their TV - from Sky, from Freesat, from Freeview or from the existing analogue signal (until digital switchover occurs and analogue is switched off). They can also use it to listen to DAB and FM radio. With this degree of flexibility, it's no wonder that IRS is now a popular option in blocks of flats and other multi-dwelling environments.

Pascal Wharton sums up: "Developers need to look for more innovative ways to capture buyers' attention in the present market - and equipping new homes for Sky HD+ via an IRS system creates a unique incentive for buyers. Our new team will provide advice and support, take the hassle out of installing an IRS system alongside the build, and create marketing materials to communicate the benefits to buyers."

For more information about Sky Communal TV Solutions for the New Build sector, please call 08442 410 331 or go to .