In a nationwide survey released today, quality of services was considered more important than overall cost when flat dwellers were asked what would motivate them to approach their landlord to consider changing Managing Agent. Over half (55%) said that expecting better quality services would be their primary motivator whereas 27% said that they would want to pay less for the services they receive.

The survey commissioned by Sky, also found when it comes to TV services, residents generally want and expect the latest up to date technology. With access to TV and broadband now considered as a common utility, the survey asked residents what they considered important as part of their viewing habits.

Half of people surveyed wanted to be able to record programmes (50%), a third to pause and rewind live TV (39%), and access catch up services (35%). Almost a third (31%) also wanted to be able to view TV on multiple devices throughout their home.

27% of flat dwellers also said that they would like to be kept up to date with the latest in TV services by their Managing Agent.

General perceptions of Managing Agents highlighted in the survey were predominantly positive, with residents believing that they give them one less thing to think about when organising their home (46%) and/or are hands on and willing to help (28%). 38% polled did say however that they don't often see their Managing Agent.

Residents were asked to rate the importance of Managing Agent services and the Top 5 priorities were:

  • Managing and arranging all repairs and enhancements on the block (66%)
  • Making sure the block is safe and secure (65%)
  • Acting on the residents' behalf with the landlord on any issues (55%)
  • Negotiating on the residents' behalf with contractors for repairs so we get the best deals (35%)
  • Arranging instant access to digital TV and/or broadband when a resident moves into a flat (32%)

Other services valued were having their Managing Agent attending general meetings with the residents in the block of flats (28%) and having a dedicated person on the site 24 hours a day for any issues that come up (25%).

Brendan Hegarty, Head of Communal TV at Sky commented: "We decided to do this survey because we wanted to understand some of the pressures facing Managing Agents and to see what services were valued by residents. Unsurprisingly, we were keen to see how providing access to TV and via a communal system was viewed in the mix of Managing Agent services and it is clear from the results that this is increasingly more of a priority as technology advances and there is ever more TV content on offer."

Jeff Platt, Chief Executive of The Institute of Residential Property Management adds: "Our members work very hard to deliver quality services at a price that represents value for money. It is reassuring for our members to note that leaseholders generally appreciate the efforts involved on their behalf."

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