With 25 years of experience in property management, The Property Management Company (PMC) based in Aberdeen has long recognised the importance of equipping its properties with communal TV systems and residents have come to expect it.  As a result, all of its 4,500 units have access to TV services through a communal system.

With the launch of Sky Q, the very latest in home entertainment, to the public earlier this year, PMC were quick to get in touch with Sky to find out how they could make sure their residents could get access to it via their communal system.

Richard Burnett, Director at PMC comments:

“A high proportion of our residents are typically young, affluent people aged 25 to 40.  We’ve found that they have come to expect the latest in technology and gadgetry available to them.  We fully expected to get asked about Sky Q and so it was in our interest to ensure our blocks had the Sky Q enhancement.  We didn’t want have to delay access for the residents, so it was a pre-emptive strike, so to speak!  As it also wasn’t going to cost us anything for the enhancement, it made perfect sense.

“Working with Campbell Kennedy, the official Sky installer for Scotland, we got in there early and started the enhancement in February when Sky Q launched to the public.  We now have 1,500 units with access to Sky Q and will be enabling all 4,500 units over the coming weeks.

“We’ve been able to act so quickly largely because the enhancement is extremely simple and hassle free.   Just a quick addition of a switch to the head-end and it works with either Sky Q or Sky+.  All we needed to do was make sure one of our on-site staff was available to give Campbell Kennedy access to the buildings and the job was done.”

If you’re a Managing Agent, now is the time to get your buildings Sky Q ready for your residents. Contact us at 08442 410 388.