Last week Sky took the media centre stage with the introduction of Sky Q, the next-generation home entertainment system that makes it easier than ever to watch all your favourite TV, including recordings, on any screen.

Hotly anticipated, Sky Q was revealed to over 100 journalists at our media event on London’s South Bank, creating much buzz and excitement.

Sky Q is a whole new way of watching TV.  We call it Fluid Viewing™.

Fluid Viewing™ gives you seamless, effortless access to all your TV, from room to room and screen to screen, in and out of the home.

Sky+ changed the way people watch TV, we think Sky Q will do it all over again.

Everything starts with the customer, each time we’ve introduced TV innovations (HD, Sky Go, OD) its been led by what we know about customers – what they love about TV and how they like to watch.   The vision for designing Sky Q was about using those insights to create the best TV experience for our customers.

As we’ve talked to customers – they’ve said they love the choice of TV available and want to navigate and find it more easily. They want to watch on any screen, not just the main TV in the living room.  Sky Q is designed to deliver that. We think customers are going to love it.

So what exactly is Sky Q? It is a family of advanced Sky products that connect wirelessly to create a whole new ecosystem that makes TV viewing seamless.  You can watch shows from your box, whether live, recorded or on demand, anywhere around the home on another TV or tablet.  Customers can watch different programmes simultaneously on up to 5 screens around the home, while recording 4 others.  In my household, we have several TVs and both my children for example have very different programmes they like to watch.  We also know that 55% of homes with Sky have tablets.

With Pause and Carry On, you can pause your recording in one room, and carry on in another on a TV or tablet.  Sky Q also brings customers their no.1 most requested feature – being able to take your recordings with you, wherever you are even when you’re offline.

For the best Fluid Viewing™ experience, the Sky Q hub turns Sky boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots, giving you better coverage and a stronger signal.  You can also scroll and swipe the new touchpad remote to choose what to watch on an all-new TV guide and use the powerful search capability of Sky Q to find everything related to a show.

And let’s not forget content.  Sky Q also brings together the biggest range of entertainment all in one place – not only providing the best entertainment, movie and sports content but also the best of the web, the ability to stream music or view Facebook photos.

Compatibility with communal TV systems

How do you know if you can access Sky Q if you live in a flat or an apartment, or if you manage a block of flats for a group of residents?  

Many blocks of flats have communal TV systems installed with a shared dish to serve all flats.  In order for your buildings to be Sky Q ready, you’ll need a simple system upgrade to the communal TV system.  If you supply the details of your block(s) we will arrange a free survey for you. Providing there are no additional costs involved then the upgrade will be free, subject to survey.

A Sky Q ready upgrade is an enhancement to your existing communal system where a DSCR (Digital Single Cable Router - switch containing Ethan –Ready technology) switch is fitted at the head end (Location of switches and other equipment) allowing anyone that wants Sky Q to be connected.  This new switch will work with either Sky Q or Sky+ customers.

Since August, we have been proactively upgrading blocks with the new hardware to make them Sky Q ready. Once we launch, if an MDU customer purchases Sky Q in a block that has not been upgraded, we will then reactively upgrade the block.

If you currently have your own mini-dish then we can replace a part on your dish allowing you to have Sky Q.

Sky Q will be available in the UK and Ireland from early 2016. We’ll reveal the launch date and details on pricing nearer the time.

For now, why not get your buildings that have Sky Communal dishes ready for Sky Q so your residents don’t miss out on having the ultimate TV experience when it becomes available.

Our approved installation partner is responsible for arranging a survey and the installation with you. To arrange the free survey please call 08442 410 388 to speak to one of our team.

For more information on Sky Q you can find the official media release here.