As Spring arrives and we look ahead to the rest of the year, we are working closely with developers as they ramp up for a busy Summer, implementing the ‘walk-in-working’ service. It is proving to be very popular with new homeowners as a way of getting their home entertainment set up and running for when they first put the key in the front door.  They’ll certainly be deserving of some sofa time after a busy move!

The popularity of ‘walk-in-working’ is reflected in a very interesting piece of research we recently commissioned into what people want when they buy a new home - we’ll be launching it in the coming weeks. As part of the study, we polled 3,000 UK consumers spanning age groups and geographies and it has been very interesting to see how expectations are constantly shifting.  We commissioned a similar study in 2013 and in that short time, people are much more likely to rely on having their TV service set-up in their home either before they move in or on the same day.  Previously, we saw people more likely to wait a few days.  More on the research soon.

Part of the desireability of having TV entertainment at your fingertips is of course about what you get to watch on your screens. We continually hear about the importance of great content and so making sure fresh, relevant content is available for customers is at the heart of everything we do.

We have a bumper crop of new content coming out soon, which includes the hotly anticipated Billions, an American television crime drama series starring Damian Lewis. We also have Shades of Blue, an American crime drama set in New York. Jennifer Lopez stars as the main character, a single-mother NYPD Detective working in the FBI's anti-corruption task force. It has been very popular in the US and NBC have already renewed it for a second season.

Sky has joined forces with 20th Century Fox for the second time this year to create a brand new campaign, this time featuring stars from upcoming release X-Men: Apocalypse. There’s nobody better than Quicksilver, a character whose superhuman ability is to move at super speed, to promote Sky Fibre, a product that is all about speed. Here’s a link to the advert if you want to check it out -

And finally, in previous round-ups we’ve talked about the launch of our exciting home entertainment system, Sky Q, which customers can’t get enough of since it became available in February. More and more managing agents are requesting access to Sky Q as more residents come to them to request it, so we are spending a lot of time on the road and working with managing agents to get their block of flats, Sky Q ready.