The new Plug-In Adapter offers a quicker, simpler way to install Sky Q in flats


Today, we are very excited to be introducing a brand new, free-of-charge* solution making it even easier for residents to get Sky Q in their flat. The new Plug-In Adapter also makes the process quicker and simpler for Managing Agents by cutting out the need to reconfigure the existing communal TV system.

Here’s how it works:

  • The installation process begins when the resident calls Sky to request Sky Q.
  • The resident will then contact the Managing Agent regarding access to the communal system.
  • Once access is granted, a Sky approved agent will add the small Plug-In Adapter between the communal system and the subscriber cables.
  • The final step is for the Sky approved agent to install the Sky Q box into the resident’s home.


Leading on the initiative is Chris Bull, Director of Marketing Projects at Sky who says:

“This new approach puts residents in the driving seat and means the Managing Agent only needs to grant access to the communal system. The introduction of the new Plug-In Adapter is part of Sky’s commitment to make access to Sky Q as simple and seamless as possible for both the Managing Agent and the resident and reflects the importance of the multi-dwelling unit (MDU) market to Sky.”

If you are a Managing Agent or Property Manager and you are keen to find out more about the Plug-In Adapter, make an enquiry via the contact us section of

*subject to customer’s standard install fee